Events Not all events are the same.
Every client has different needs.

You may have seen Paul at the founding members' party at The Hospital Club LA or at The Frieze opening night party at The Groucho Club in London; maybe it was at a friend's birthday party or a celebrity wedding in the Cotswolds. Paul is the performer who is invited to bring that finishing touch to your unique event.

Paul's performance style is a mixture of amazing magic and mind reading, blended with an intelligent and challenging wit. He has an easy rapport with people, honed over the last 25 years as an entertainer, performing in many diverse environments allowing him to be incredibly adaptable in any situation.

He will levitate your party to new heights, giving your guests an exceptional experience to talk about long after the party has ended.

Close-up Magic

Paul can perform intimate close-up magic, the type of magic that people comment that they've seen on TV but never believed it until they've witnessed it right under their noses. Intermingling during drinks and canapés, crowds gravitate towards the dazzling deftness, sleights and mind reading skills that Paul presents.

Be it table magic at the seated part of an event, banquet or wedding breakfast, Paul will perform his masterful show, table to table in his own original comedic style, leaving audiences laughing and bedazzled.

Stage Craft

More people doesn't mean more problems, as Paul can easily demonstrate his magic and mind reading skills on stage in front of large crowds or to theatre sized audiences, always with a theatrical flair, drawing them in and leaving them astounded.

Whether as an energising 20 minute show at the start of a corporate day or as a fully-fledged after dinner interactive spectacular, Paul creates a bespoke performance for you and your guests.

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Paul understands that the most important thing is to make your event exceptional and he's keen to be the man to make that come true.

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Be Astonished and feel like a child again

You might not know it, but you need more than just a generic "magician". With a background in acting, musical theatre and performance, Paul has the skills to tantalise an audience beyond deftly executing magical effects. His experience ensures a performance to engage you on an emotional level as well as a magical one.

Paul is often asked to perform at the most private and discreet events, entertaining famous actors and top British industry professionals where photos and publicity are prohibited. From oil rigs in Dubai, to intimate parlour shows at The Magic Circle in London and the British consulate general's house party for BRITS Week in Los Angeles, he always works with the specific needs of his clientele.

No matter the type of event you're looking to hold, be it summer cocktails in the garden, an intimate soirée or a film party premiere on a yacht in Cannes, Paul knows exactly how to add pizzazz to your event.

More than a Magician what makes Paul Unique...

Booking and running an event can be a busy time, but with Paul, you get an entertainer you don't need to worry about. Instead you can just relax, enjoy the event, and leave Paul to do what he does best: wowing an audience. Here's what makes Paul unique...

Paul knows when the best time to perform is, when and who to approach and how. He will allow the energy of the room to flow, seamlessly moving from group to group. Having a performer who has entertained all over the world at many different types of events be they cocktail soirees, birthdays, film premieres or after show parties means you have someone who is adaptable to the flow of the event.

The day or evening may not just be about magic; it may be about you or your organisation. Paul understands this and will work with you to tailor his performance to your needs and priorities. He can create an original bespoke piece of magic to incorporate your brand message, dazzle your VIPs or even integrate your CEO into the performance, making them the star.

This may be your special day and you would like to relax and enjoy it too. Paul is someone who you can communicate and develop your event with, someone you can trust to get on with the show, be it the close up or stage aspect, so you have one less thing to deal with. Paul is a performer you will book more than once and develop a long lasting relationship with.

Are you organising a networking event, company dinner or annual conference awards banquet? Paul will make sure your event is talked about for the right reasons, enhancing your reputation, creating a lingering positive impression long after it has passed.