Meet Paul Magician, Mind-reader, Actor, Voice-over Artist, Musician - Performer

An exceptional performer, Paul spends his time travelling between the UK, USA and other far off destinations, showcasing his magic and mind-reading skills at some of the world's most prestigious events.

A multi-skilled entertainer, he combines a career in acting and voice-overs with an active magic schedule. Paul has a wealth of experience that makes him the ideal entertainer, perfectly suited to make any event extra special.

Paul's Story

His first experience of magic was through The Paul Daniels Magic Show on the BBC, watching it every week without fail. With his interest piqued, he would drag his dad to Hamley's in London to buy the latest magic effects, which he would then perform for his friends and family.

During his school years, Paul put magic on the back burner, more interested in acting, singing and playing the guitar. Doing just enough to maintain his grades at A level, he played Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls, much to his house master's consternation.

On finishing Westminster School, Paul had many diverse jobs; working in the Jazz section of HMV, selling leather Jackets in South Molton Street and demonstrating 'Marvin's Magic' at DH Evans and Hamley's in London.

Paul pursued a career in acting and musical theatre, training at Mountview Theatre School. It was through acting that magic re-entered his life.

In the meantime, magic had been reinvigorated in the public consciousness on television, through the popularity of performers such as David Blaine and the mesmeric mind-reading of Derren Brown.



Magicians tell you half truths, stories and out right lies. It's not whether the coin vanishes in your left hand and appears again in your right but that it feels like it did.

Anything is possible.


Paul is often asked if he is psychic. The answer is no, but he'll make you feel like he is. He uses a myriad of techniques, layered to confuse, bemuse and mystify.

Or maybe he is psychic after all?


Paul is passionate about acting which feeds all his performances in magic. His training with Groundlings and Showstoppers fuel his ability to create and flex his acting muscles.


Paul's voice is an important tool in his armoury. He works as a voiceover artist in the UK and is represented by Deyan Audio in the USA.

Listen to his voiceover commercial reel and audiobook reel.

Returning to magic Paul's story part II

Whilst playing Oberon and Theseus in A Midsummer Nights Dream, Paul was shown a magic trick performed by the actor playing Puck for use in the show: a vanishing silk effect. It stirred something in Paul, a reminder of his previous life as a young magician or of the odd trick he still performed at Christmas.

While performing his annual Christmas trick around the festive table, his ex girlfriend's sister suggested that magic was the perfect career for him to take up professionally. Certainly a lot better than his in-between acting job of parking cars for wealthy people in the pouring rain.

What happened next seems torn from the pages of Harry Potter. Searching out a magic shop, Paul discovered Davenport's, a hidden gem in a shabby shopping parade under Charing Cross; his very own Diagon Alley. Setting off the tinkering bell of this dark emporium of secrets, Paul simply asked the young demonstrator behind the counter how he could become a conjurer, what were the books needed to become a true professional working magician?

Before exiting the shop with only a two page pamphlet, an innocuous card trick, another shopper told him not to turn his nose up at something that seemed so unsubstantial, as he, on first learning the trick, had been hired to perform at a party. Paul knew he could do that, only better.


Becoming a man of magic Paul's story part III

Committed to working his new craft, Paul joined the local magic club, and within six months was performing close up magic on the inaugural cruise for Royal Caribbean's Freedom of The Seas. The next step was an interview and audition for The Magic Circle, passing and being invited to become a member. Then after performing at The Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Paul was awarded the highest grade by examination that The Magic Circle offer: Associate of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star.

Magic has opened a door to many fields of entertainment for Paul. Most notably he has performed on the BBC show The Sorcerer's Apprentice; co-written and directed a show at The Magic Circle; and trained with the comedy improv group, The Groundlings both in the UK and USA.

But while Paul enjoys these forays into the world of stage and media entertainment, he still loves to perform at private and corporate events. It's through these events that he gets to witness close up the wonder that magic can imbue in a captive audience.


A chance to peak behind the curtain and work with Paul. Creative thinking, the magic of business.

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