Masterclass A peek behind the curtain

Paul's Masterclass is a bespoke interactive training experience for individuals, groups and businesses. Through his experience with magic, mind-reading, acting and more, Paul works closely with companies and individuals, training them to better achieve their goals.

The Masterclass comprises...

  • Interactive inclusive training, direction and development with individuals, groups and businesses through tutorials, workshops and online or in person coaching.
  • Company Team-building and creative thinking days, working with large or small groups. These are in the form of workshops and in-company training days.
  • Directing and coaching of actors, magicians and performers for stage or screen.

For Businesses

Company Team-building and creative thinking

Using the principles of performing and the techniques in magic to re-engage company bonds and strategies, Paul focuses on the many positives in your business, strengthening customer relationships, retaining existing accounts and striving to secure new opportunities.

He looks at clarity in the work place in selling and being challenged to think with a fresh perspective. This is driven by the aims of your company.

The format of training is through one to one in person development or formal group bespoke training days. Every company has different specific needs. Paul works with you and your team to create a bespoke event to deliver on the goals of team building through the use of creative thinking, magic and performance led techniques.

From presentation training through to new ways to inspire and engage your workforce, Paul creates a memorable, inclusive and rewarding experience.

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For Individuals

Helping you bring your vision into focus

Paul works in one to one or group sessions with performers on stage technique, voice, rhythm in performance, nuance, narrative and structuring of your act or show.

He can also work with you on confidence building and presentation for television or various forms of media. Paul will help you to brush up your skills on being in front of camera. With Paul you will learn how to relax, focus and articulate under pressure.

Sometimes it's just about running through an idea or it may be developing an act or concept from a seed of inspiration. Paul has worked with magicians and actors to develop their shows, be more relaxed in front of crowds and cameras, and has even taken on directing and co-writing a full length magic show at The Magic Circle in London.

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I spent two days with Paul working on script, direction and voice, I had a 3 min piece which needed some work. By the end of day one, I had a script covered in notes and a clearer idea of how to better communicate my desired message to the audience. I went away and applied my new found thinking toward script writing, in preparation for day two.

Day two had a focus on direction and voice. We worked on the spoken word and how to create a more colourful and engaging performance through the use of sound.

Paul has a plethora of tools in his arsenal which opens up the creative playground, breaks bad habits and forces change. As a result, I came away with 3 powerful minutes which would eventually play a role in helping me achieve a life goal, being awarded one of the highest awards within my industry.

Matthew Le Mottée Winner of The Magic Circle Close Up Competition 2017 and 2018

Paul has helped me with both my live performance and on screen performance. His knowledge of acting, voice and magic on and off screen meant he has a unique and in-depth understanding of the different elements that build a strong magical performance.

I would describe Paul as a focused, supportive, professional and decisive in his teaching approach and I would be happy recommend him.

Katherine Mills Magician and Mentalist

Paul Roffman has worked with me on many occasions and under his direction we produced an award-winning Magic Circle theatre show. Paul has a tremendous insight with regard to knowing who he is dealing with and coaching all different personality types to get the best out of them. He also has a vast knowledge of the nuts and bolts of performance in general.

I have worked with Paul on scripts, shows and also as a speech coach on the BBC series The Sorcerers Apprentice. The first thing that struck me was how he was able to immediately remember everybody's name and begin to deal with them individually as if he had known them all his life!

I recommend Paul for any teambuilding or corporate away day. It will be an enriching experience as well as a learning curve for all clients.

Max Somerset Magician

Why Masterclass? Using magic as a route to success

The skills and techniques used in magic can teach you how to engage with an audience, encourage participation with a crowd or individual, and how to communicate effectively.

The real magic is not necessarily in the trick itself but in the clarity, engagement and rapport with your audience.

These are some of the benefits businesses and individuals will experience by working together with Paul in Masterclasses:

  • Learning to speak with confidence and to articulate your ideas.
  • Be comfortable selling or speaking to clients.
  • Thinking creatively about problems.
  • Becoming aware of body language, peripheral vision, timing and misdirection.
  • Learn to fully engage with an audience.
  • Transfer creative skills to business problems and needs.
  • Reinvigorate the energy and outlook in the workplace.

Bespoke creative thinking, magic and business development A Case Study

Every business has their own needs and it is important that Paul can work with your company to create something original and tailor-made. One such example is when Paul was hired by CrownBC, a brand and communications development company for Travelport, a leading online booking system for the travel industry.

The event Paul and CrownBC developed was called "MOJO". This event was designed to reinvigorate the company and to work to inspire their sales teams internationally. This was comprised of a dozen events in two different countries each week.

Paul looked at what the vision of the company was moving forward and how best to communicate these ideas when dealing with a mixture of cultures who worked in sales and management teams across Europe. A bespoke magic and mind reading show was developed for them incorporating these themes. This allowed a place for teams to work directly with Paul, creatively using magic as the connection to their business.

Paul performed a mixture of magic and mind reading cabaret shows, followed by teaching some magic techniques which were then related back to their business. The final segment was the memory technique demonstration which ended with a manager or head of department being able to utilise the system, developed specifically for their company, to subconsciously memorise all the key words in their company mission statement.

As an extra effort to integrate the theme of MOJO into the event, branded playing cards and coins were produced as a giveaway for the groups.

This had been very inclusive. It's worked in different ways for different audiences in different countries. Undoubtably there has been extreme positive feedback every time.

Promoting engagement and getting people up on stage has really tied in very well with our theme which was Mojo, building self belief. Everyone really loves magic and really enjoyed the format. It's got everyone up off their feet. It's clear that the audiences in different markets really love the fresh approach to team building.

We wanted to do something a little bit different, which is what we achieved with Paul. Something that could carry through the business theme while having a lot of fun at the same time.

Adrian Bastow EMEIA Marketing Director at Travelport